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You need links to rank in competitive markets – read this short guide for useful tips and tools on link analysis….

Up for an affiliate challenge? Why not try this, but I would do it with more tools to try and streamline the process.  100 sites x 100 pages = 10,000 pages!!!

Written by Darrell Freeman

January 17th, 2011 at 11:58 pm

UK version of Yahoo Directory to shut down!

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Last night I received an email from Yahoo, from 18th November 2010 it seems the UK version of the Yahoo directory will be no more.  They have sent all advertisers in the UK an email asking if they want to continue with their advertisement in the directory (in the US version only) or alternatively they can claim a full refund on their most recent payment ($299).

I have decided to go with a refund due to there being no UK directory there will be less link juice and power from those backlinks from the directory in the eyes of Google. Also as I took out my advertisement last December I have had nearly a year and will now be getting a full refund for that year.

Could always relist if I like and not pay for the last year, rare to get a gift of $299, thank you!

Copy of the email from Yahoo


Dear Yahoo! Directory Submit Client,

You are receiving this message because your site has been listed in the Yahoo! Directory under the Regional/Countries/United Kingdom or the Regional/Countries/Ireland category path. Because of this, your site has also been appearing in the U.K. & Ireland Directory. (http://uk.dir.yahoo.com/)

We are notifying you that the Yahoo! U.K. & Ireland Directory will be shutting down on November 18, 2010, and your site’s listing in that directory will be eliminated. Your site listing in the U.S.-based Directory (http://dir.yahoo.com) will remain unchanged.

Your site is listed in the Yahoo! Directory with Order ID XXXXXXXX for the following URL:

Your site was submitted to the Yahoo! Directory Submit program and was added to the following category:

Regional/Countries/United Kingdom/gfhhtythtth Category

We understand that appearing in the Yahoo! UK & Ireland Directory may have been important to some of our U.K.-based customers. Because of this impending shutdown, as a courtesy, we are offering you the following options for your listing.

1) You may continue to maintain your listing through the Yahoo! Directory Submit program. Your site will remain listed in the Directory as it is now and the applicable annual fee will apply on your anniversary date. No further action on your behalf would be required.
2) You may request a refund of the most recent fee you paid as part of the Directory Submit program. Your Directory Submit account would be terminated immediately, and your site will then be removed from the Yahoo! Directory. If you wish to proceed with this option, please email cc-directory-submit-billing-e2y@yahoo-inc.com with the Order ID, your YahooID, and the URL of your listing. In order to take advantage of this refund, Yahoo! must receive a fully completed request no later than 5 p.m. PDT on November 18, 2010. Otherwise, Yahoo! will conclude that you have selected the first option.

The annual renewal date for your site is coming up on:



Written by Darrell Freeman

October 13th, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Outsource Link Building to India? No thanks!

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I think most SEOs will admit that link building is one of the hardest aspects of the job. Basically get some good links and you should be on your way to getting good rankings. Depending on the market it may take a lot more and a lot of other things come into play like age of site etc…

Anyway as I work on quite a few sites in competitive markets I would love to outsource the link building side of SEO. I’ve recently had a few chats with Indian link building companies and the guys I’ve spoken to I would not touch with a barge pole – basically too many spammy links too quickly. It is a quick route to a Google penalty. One of them wanted paying $3.50 per link and suggested I started with 50 links!! That is probably 50 spammy links which would raise a flag on the site and may trip an automatic penalty.

I know that I need to keep the quality side of link building up and it does take a long time to get those valuable links but there must be a better way to outsource this than to Indian companies who use methods that would have worked well 5 years ago but nowadays will knock your site out of the SERPs.

With UK agencies generally charging between £75 – £125 per hour, freelance SEOs charging about £35 p/hour there must be a market for knowledgable Indian SEO companies to charge about £10 p/hour and produce some really good results. I also don’t want to pay per link as then they get too many links.

Anyway, does anyone outsource their off-page optimisation to India and get good results? Maybe 30 backlinks a month from a variety of sources (some articles, in content links, forums, no follows, authoritive links) with varying anchor text would be great.  Maybe worth taking someone on in India and training them up via Skype?

Written by Darrell Freeman

May 4th, 2009 at 6:48 pm