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My Adwords Wish.. Show me Keywords which tigger impressions…

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spring-wish-listAdwords recently improved some of their reporting (few months ago).  For example the Search Query report now shows actual keywords (big help!) rather than ’1 other unique’ or something like that.  Anyway, I would really love to get hold of the keywords which trigger an impression of my ad! Why?

Few reasons, firstly I could find more negative keywords, this would mean finding possible negative keywords before they click on my ad and cost me.  Therefore showing me keywords which produce impressions would lower my cost.

Secondly, with more negative keywords I could reduce my impressions which in turn would increase my CTR (click through rate) and therefore increase my quality score possibly leading to increased ad position at the same cost.

Finally, it would allow me to possibly better targeted ads, which in turn increases my click through rate and quality score.

I can see why Google do not provide this information as some campaigns will produce thousands of impressions per day.  However there would be benefits to Google aswell, such as helping advertisers to delete non relevant ads and produce better targeted ads and therefore more sponsored CTR equals more money for Google.

Written by Darrell Freeman

November 30th, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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