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Just a quick blog post about a few tools and products that are out there that would be very useful for most webmasters. Having not blogged for a while (holiday in Thailand & Bali) you may want to install or use a few of these tools or products on your website:

The first product is Codeguard. This is basically an easy method to backup your website, protects against malware and also offers version support for your website. There is a free version but the paid version is just $10 a month (£6.20 with current exchange rates). I’m definitely going to try it out! The make or break for me is if it backs up databases aswell!

Another product which I seen on Kirsty’s blog is Cloud Flare which promises to speed up the delivery of the pages of your website to your visitors and also protect against attackers. Cloud Flare works as a CDN (content delivery network) and if I can see if any problems using with a secure site (https) then I’ll definitely give it a whirl and report back on the progress.

Another important development from the search engines is that they have got together and decided to make use of a standard mark up language for rich snippets. It is called Schema and you can find out more details on the use with this article from SEOmoz.

Been using a lot of website speed analysis tools recently and really like this tool, which comes complete with optimisation checklist.

If anyone has used any of the products or tools mentioned, then comment with feedback which will help everyone else.

Written by Darrell Freeman

June 22nd, 2011 at 11:12 am

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