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Magento Multi Store – Get a thumbs up from me!

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magentoI have recently had a play around with the Magento multi store functionality and was really impressed. Plenty of e-commerce websites have multiple stores (often with the same catalogue) so they may target their pages at different search terms or have one at the high end of the price scale and use another as a stack them high and sell them cheap operation.

The Magento multi store functionality takes away a lot of the pain as the multi store runs from one backend, can share the product database and gives the owner the benefits of having 2 stores (more traffic, double brand etc…) whilst only having the admin of only one store.

Obviously there are things that the merchant needs to be careful of such as duplicate content, making sure category pages and product pages are aimed at different search terms then the other site, but overall I would recommend any merchants that run two sites independently outside of Magento, to consider switching over to Magento multi store setup, makes life easier!

It seems the Magento Multi Store functionality is working well for Super Size Guys.

Written by Darrell Freeman

May 27th, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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