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Accessing Wifi Abroad

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overplayI travel quite a bit and take my notebook with me and occasionally will need to access work stuff (FTP etc…) and usually on unsecure wifi connections.  I decided to look for a VPN (proxy) which would let me do work things on a secure connection and also let me watch the footy highlights on the BBC website.

On my last trip to India I signed up to Overplay and they were fantastic. I was able to able to pay just $9.99 for the month via Paypal and it was so easy to set up and then connect to the UK servers to watch the footy highlights or do any work stuff on a secure connection.

I know a lot of ex-pats use similar services to watch TV whilst abroad and especially in countries like China where certain things like Facebook are blocked.  Will be signing up again when I next go away…

Written by Darrell Freeman

December 29th, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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