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Keyword domains + micro sites = Good SEO rankings

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Been hearing a lot lately about keyword domains and micro sites.  Hopefully sum up what they are, advantages and disadvantages of keyword domains and micro sites.

What are keyword domains & micro sites?  Examples?

Basically you buy a product related domain and then develop a micro sites (few pages) around the product and with some simple on-page SEO they will rank quite well in Google.  For example, Ipod Nano 16GB is a good example.  Good domain name and a great micro site.  The person who owns that site probably took a few days to build it, hardly any maintenance and gives them a decent monthly income.

I developed one recently, the Quinny Buzz site took me about a day to develop and so far as got me a few commissions.  In a few months I’ll report back on the progress and see if it was worth it.

What are the advantages of keyword domains & micro sites?

There are a few clear advantages:

  • Domains are generally available.
  • Quick SEO rankings in Google.
  • Quick to build the site.
  • High conversion rate (specific product terms usually convert better than generics)

Any disadvantages?

There are once again a few disadvantages to consider:

  • Low search volume.
  • You may rank page 1 in Google, but the ‘gold’ is in the top 3.
  • Manufacturers may sometimes get pissed off with your brand domains.
  • Unique text needed for all sites which for some people can take a while to produce.
  • Losing true sales to voucher code affiliates (happens on normal affiliate sites though).

Top tips for micro sites?

  • Make sure the on-page SEO is spot on before launching (e.g. title tags, meta description, keyword research, unique text, keywords in the text etc…)
  • If you have a price comparison on the product, be selective about merchants you use.  Consider conversion rates, affiliate payouts (e.g. Click and reserve with Argos pays out just 25p, so I would never include them).
  • Get a few backlinks to the site.

Let me know of any more tips and tricks for keyword domains and micro sites.  Are they working well for you or waste of time? Leave a comment and let us know! :)

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September 18th, 2009 at 11:26 am

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Few Affiliate tools I’ve been using…

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toolsRecently whilst building a new affiliate site I’ve been using a few tools to make life that bit easier and quicker on the design and programming side.  It always good finding easier and quicker ways to do things.  In the online world you are inundated with offers to use new tools (SEO, PPC, CMS etc….) and if you decided to trial them all, your bank account would soon be empty.

Anyway I recently decided to do a bit of a review site and really didn’t want to get a custom design from a graphic designer due to time therefore decided to go for a WordPress theme.  After looking through the free themes I couldn’t find one that I liked enough and eventually went to Brian Gardner’s Studiopress and choose the excellent Lifestyle theme.  There are also loads of tutorials to totally customise the theme and a very active forum.  The themes are just $59.95 and after a Google search I picked up a discount code of 25% (PERF25) which made the theme just $44.97 (about £28 – Bargain!).  The theme was easy to set up widgets on the homepage and the one or two design issues I encountered have been cleaered up very quickly on the forum.  Considering using the corporate theme now for a few non blog sites.  Great stuff!

Another tool that is new (kinda) to the affiliate marketing space in the UK is Easy Content Units.  Now I can put products on my sites in super quick time with products from a variety of merchants and networks.  I’ve only just started to use this tool, but the units were very quick to setup in the admin area of Easy Content Units and then it produces some javascript code which you just paste into your webpage (easy!).  To add/delete products just use the simple interface in Easy Content Units, you don’t need to change the code on the page.  I’m currently using the free version (80/20 revenue split) and see how it goes.  If it goes well I’ll upgrade to the paid version (£20 a month, no revenue split).  Give it a play today, it is so simple to use.

So you have Studiopress to create a site and ECU to populate with products.  Need some content and can’t be bothered yourself?  Try Content Now (I’ve not used them yet so can’t comment on the quality).  Now if Tracking 202 would add some UK networks you could have affiliate sites up and running with minimal fuss and best of all, minimal work! :)

Written by Darrell Freeman

September 16th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

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