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SEO Job Interviews. Easy or not?

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seointerviewI was asked for advice by somebody the other day, who was going for their first SEO job interview and it got me thinking about my previous experience of SEO job interviews. I’ll try and sum up my experiences of SEO interviews and hopefully provide some handy links to possible questions.

In my experiences of SEO interviews if your going for a starter role I would be surprised if you got asked anything more technical than 301 redirects, on-page factors and some basic link building questions.  Going into the mid level roles you may have to give examples of link building in a competitive market place that actually had a positive effect on the rankings and show good social skills (particularly if applying to an agency role).

I would also stick my neck out and say that somebody who is committed to learning SEO could be in a starter role within 3 months of starting to learn SEO and a lot of places would take you on anyway if you knew the basics and sounded keen to learn more.

The common questions that regularly come up do revolve around how you keep up to date in the industry (e.g. read SEOmoz, SEObook, various forums etc…), past work on different websites and a few technical questions along the lines of ‘What is a 301 redirect and give me an example where you would use it’?  I’ve always found the interviews to be pretty chilled out affairs and sometimes there may not even be an SEO person interviewing you.  It is not unknown in some companies to get interviewed by the head developer who wouldn’t know a title tag from a robots.txt file.

Below are a few links to different sites with some example questions.  I would advise if your attending an SEO interview (depending on the level) make sure you know the answers, have a good range of examples of past SEO work completed and be able to talk about the industry indepth at ease.  Last thing is that if you do know basic on-page optimisation you will probably be ahead of 75% of other applicants straight away – unless this has changed in the last few months since I was interviewing for an SEO.

Some of these below are quite extensive, remember for starter SEO roles, your interview will only be around 45 minutes so after the usual introductions you may only be asked a few questions.




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August 27th, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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