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Affiliate Links

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Been wondering recently the best way to link to sites that I am a affiliate for – I want to mask my affiliate links.  For WordPress Al Carlton pointed me towards his Automatic Affiliate Links plugin which is great as you do not have to put your affiliate link into the blog post but put the normal product url and they are automatically made into affiliate links.  Great stuff.

However what if I’m not using WordPress?  There are also meta refresh redirects but keep hearing Google doesn’t like these so not used these so far but seem a nice script on Hayley Quince’s blog so I’ll give that a try.

Written by Darrell Freeman

May 8th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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Outsource Link Building to India? No thanks!

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I think most SEOs will admit that link building is one of the hardest aspects of the job. Basically get some good links and you should be on your way to getting good rankings. Depending on the market it may take a lot more and a lot of other things come into play like age of site etc…

Anyway as I work on quite a few sites in competitive markets I would love to outsource the link building side of SEO. I’ve recently had a few chats with Indian link building companies and the guys I’ve spoken to I would not touch with a barge pole – basically too many spammy links too quickly. It is a quick route to a Google penalty. One of them wanted paying $3.50 per link and suggested I started with 50 links!! That is probably 50 spammy links which would raise a flag on the site and may trip an automatic penalty.

I know that I need to keep the quality side of link building up and it does take a long time to get those valuable links but there must be a better way to outsource this than to Indian companies who use methods that would have worked well 5 years ago but nowadays will knock your site out of the SERPs.

With UK agencies generally charging between £75 – £125 per hour, freelance SEOs charging about £35 p/hour there must be a market for knowledgable Indian SEO companies to charge about £10 p/hour and produce some really good results. I also don’t want to pay per link as then they get too many links.

Anyway, does anyone outsource their off-page optimisation to India and get good results? Maybe 30 backlinks a month from a variety of sources (some articles, in content links, forums, no follows, authoritive links) with varying anchor text would be great.  Maybe worth taking someone on in India and training them up via Skype?

Written by Darrell Freeman

May 4th, 2009 at 6:48 pm